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Do It Yourself Contracts – Is Boilerplate Necessary?

By: Thomas L. Bowden, Sr.

Ever heard someone say, when reviewing a contract with you, “that’s just boilerplate, don’t worry about it…” ? Maybe you and a customer considered saving some money by drafting your own agreement and decided to skip all that “boilerplate.”


Virginia – Top State for Business for 2011

By: David Carroll.

  Virginia has topped the charts as the number one state in the nation for doing business according to CNBC.  When it awarded Virginia first place this year, CNBC remarked:  “we are starting to detect a pattern here.”  This is the second time that Virginia has run away with the award for top state for [...]


Google and Facebook Hit Privacy Wall

By: Thomas L. Bowden, Sr.

Oh when will they ever learn? (Pete Seeger – Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Copyright 1961 (renewed) Fall River Music Inc. It seems that internet and social media titans Google and Facebook have once again, to no one’s surprise, gotten themselves in some hot water with the FTC and some privacy watchdogs again. They [...]


Grand Rapids’ Answer to a Bleak Economic Outlook: Viral Video

By: Thomas L. Bowden, Sr.

Guest post by Erin McNeill  NPR recently did a story about Grand Rapids, Michigan’s inspiring response to a Newsweek article listing Grand Rapids as one of America’s “dying cities” with a “bleak” economic outlook. Many small and medium business owners can empathize with what the people of Grand Rapids felt in the face of such [...]


The Fine Line Between Trademark Policing and Bullying

By: Donna Ray Berkelhammer.

The trademark geeks lawyers at Sands Anderson have been debating how far a company should go to “police” its trademarks.  Entrepreneur Media  (publisher of Entrepreneur magazine and owner of Entrepreneur.com) got us thinking about it:  in attempts to protect its Entrepreneur brand, it sent cease and desist letters to EntrepreneurOlogy.com for workshops, EntrepreneurPR, a firm [...]


How Can I Talk to My Lawyer about Alternative Fees

By: Thomas L. Bowden, Sr.

The resolving recession may have some permanent effects.  One good thing is the willingness of more law firms to negotiate fee arrangements that do not focus on the billable hour, frequently referred to as Alternative Fee Arrangements, or “AFAs.” 


Point Number 10 on How To Pursue Venture Capital

By: Thomas L. Bowden, Sr.

Hire a really good lawyer who knows the ropes. In our last post, we covered dividing up the responsibility for work and success. This time, let’s talk about a crucial team member: your lawyer. Seriously. I know it sounds like a pitch, but I am sincere. Of course we hope that you will hire North [...]


Point Number 9 on How To Pursue Venture Capital

By: Thomas L. Bowden, Sr.

Build your team early. In our last post, we covered normal deal terms that affect how ownership is divided and risk shared. This time, let’s talk about dividing up the responsibility for work and success. No matter how smart, committed, persistent, motivated, talented, indomitable and attractive you may believe yourself to be, no one can [...]


Point Number 8 on How To Pursue Venture Capital

By: Thomas L. Bowden, Sr.

Know your financial structure. In our last post, we covered a number of factors that affect the founder’s ultimate ownership percentage. In this section, we have a bit more detail. What you need to know up front that the venture capital investment process has become highly standardized. In many ways this is a good thing. It helps [...]


Point Number 7 on How To Pursue Venture Capital

By: Thomas L. Bowden, Sr.

“The time has come,” the VC said, “to talk of many things – Of Points and Pies and Preferences and Option Grants with Strings” (With apologies to Lewis Carroll)