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These are David Carroll's posts

Dave has extensive experience in corporate law, venture capital, private equity, corporate acquisitions, capital raising and corporate succession matters. For eleven years, Dave was with Matrix Capital Markets Group, a national investment banking firm, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, where he served as Director, transaction manager and handled in-house legal matters. He also has experience in starting an internet technology venture where he served as Chief Operating Officer and In House Counsel. Dave served as a Fighter Pilot and commander in the United States Air Force flying his last tour with the Virginia Air National Guard, from which he is now retired.

Health Reform: Codifying Economic Substance Doctrine

John Vandenhoff continues his exploration of the tax implications of the new health care law. There’s also more in a series of informational podcasts on the Web site of the Law Firm Alliance, of which we are a member. In our previous posts (here and here), we talked about the new Healthcare legislation which was […]


Health Reform: Part Two is Taxes

In our previous post, John Vandenhoff briefly talked about the new Healthcare legislation which was signed into law (H.R. 4872 the Healthcare and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Reconciliation Act, P.L. 101-152)) (the “Healthcare Act”) and described a couple of the major individual mandates contained within that Act.


Supreme Court Decides Business Process Patent Case

A few weeks ago in this blog we alerted you to Bilski v. Kappos, 561 U. S. ____ (2010) because the case had the potential to be important in that the Supreme Court might consider the question of whether or not business methods qualified as “process patents,” — those patents filed to protect processes rather […]


For your Health: Be Prepared to be Insured

Thanks to John Vandenhoff, here is the first in a series of articles on the tax implications of the new health care law. There’s also more in a series of informational podcasts on the Web site of the Law Firm Alliance, of which we are a member. John Vandenhoff On Mar. 30, 2010, President Obama […]


Are Business Methods Patentable? The Supreme Court Weighs In.

Venture and IT professionals are familiar with Bilski v. Kappos, in which the Patent & Trademark Office denied a business-method patent for a method of hedging risk through commodities trading. A patent application was filed in 1997 by Bernard Bilski and Rand Warsaw, which was rejected by the US Patent & Trademark Office on the […]


HIRE Act — Incentives and Ground Rules

This article is the second of two by John Vandenhoff on the newly enacted HIRE Act. John is a tax specialist at Sands Anderson and in this article John describes some of tax incentives as well as the rules that apply when taking advantage of the HIRE Act’s provisions. David


HIRE Act — The New Hiring Incentives

This article by John Vandenhoff, a tax specialist at Sands Anderson, describes some of the incentives for businesses that hire new employees under the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act of 2010 (“HIRE”). We’ll have more on this important new law in some of our follow-on posts. David


Sands Anderson Moves Up

Sands Anderson has a new address — 1111 East Main St. on the top 2 floors of the Bank of America Building in Richmond Virginia for those of you who need to contact us our phone numbers and e-mails remain the same. Read the article in the Richmond Times Dispatch (link below) and find out […]


New Health Care Law — Tax Impact

New Healthcare Law — Tax Impact According to reporting by Bloomberg’s Ryan J. Donmoyer (www.bloomberg.com) if the final version of the healthcare legislation passes the Senate, high-income investors will pay higher Medicare taxes, tax breaks for out-of-pocket medical deductions, such as flexible spending accounts, will be limited, and it will cost insurance companies more to […]


23 Tips for Presenting Your Project

In my reading online, I came across a great list of points for improving business plans and applications to banks when your company is seeking funding. The original comes from Vitaly Michka of Concord Capital www.concordcapitalonline.com) and you should look the site over, it’s got some useful information. I have added a few thoughts of […]