Legislature Slips in a Bitter Pill

By: Ben Lacy. This was posted Monday, July 2nd, 2012

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Retailers in Virginia who collect sales tax realized just a few weeks ago that, as of today, July 1, all sales tax submissions to the Virginia Department of Taxation would have to be online. Whoops.

RichmondBizSense.com covered the news this morning and the leading organization for retailers, the Virginia Retail Merchants Association, identified the issue a few weeks back. But it appears the budget writers had this element in place well before those responsible for collecting and remitting the taxes became aware of it.

Lobbying is a research-intensive activity. The level of scrutiny required to catch this change might have been time-consuming, but it beats playing catch up. I’ll be giving the budget some attention in my legislative wrap up in our YouTube report, slated for later this month.

What else might have been missed during the budget debate, if anything?

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