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Point Number 5 on How To Pursue Venture Capital

Have a plan. Last time, we talked about being prepared. An extension of that attitude and orientation is our next tip. To raise venture capital, you must have a business plan. In that plan, you must address certain key issues, directly and without fudging or fooling yourself. Your plan need not be long and detailed. […]


Health Reform: Codifying Economic Substance Doctrine

John Vandenhoff continues his exploration of the tax implications of the new health care law. There’s also more in a series of informational podcasts on the Web site of the Law Firm Alliance, of which we are a member. In our previous posts (here and here), we talked about the new Healthcare legislation which was […]


Point 4 on How To Pursue Venture Capital

Be prepared. Last time, we talked about the importance of communication. Tip number four means, as every Boy Scout knows, successful effort is all about preparation. If you are pitching venture capitalists, you need to bring your “A Game” based on thorough preparation. Here are tips that may sound rudimentary and obvious, but if ignored […]