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Sands Anderson Moves Up

Sands Anderson has a new address — 1111 East Main St. on the top 2 floors of the Bank of America Building in Richmond Virginia for those of you who need to contact us our phone numbers and e-mails remain the same. Read the article in the Richmond Times Dispatch (link below) and find out […]


New Health Care Law — Tax Impact

New Healthcare Law — Tax Impact According to reporting by Bloomberg’s Ryan J. Donmoyer ( if the final version of the healthcare legislation passes the Senate, high-income investors will pay higher Medicare taxes, tax breaks for out-of-pocket medical deductions, such as flexible spending accounts, will be limited, and it will cost insurance companies more to […]


Point 2 on How To Pursue Venture Capital

In our prior post, we introduced our Ten Points When Seeking Venture Capital and covered the first, Be realistic. Point 2. Be persistent – very persistent. The venture capital business model assumes founders will face many obstacles as their businesses grow. This is one reason why the valuations they place on early-stage companies are so […]


23 Tips for Presenting Your Project

In my reading online, I came across a great list of points for improving business plans and applications to banks when your company is seeking funding. The original comes from Vitaly Michka of Concord Capital and you should look the site over, it’s got some useful information. I have added a few thoughts of […]


Ten Points When Seeking Venture Capital – #1

I have watched the venture capital market place for over 25 years. I’ve represented venture funds in the formation process, and in their investment activities. I have represented companies that received venture capital, and many that did not. I also started a company that raised $10 million in angel money and professional venture capital. The […]